Rant, Rant and lots of Rant.

Saturday, 26th of November year 2011, 10:38 am.

i woke up a while ago with a aching stomach and a drooling eye because of lack of sleep but everything’s fine now after taking my breakfast and taking a bath. for today, i am supposed to visit my baber and get a new haircut, buy some ribbons for the christmas tree and but some toiletries but im too lazy to move even though i so hate my hair right now, got no deodorant and xmass tree looks like it lacks something.

well while feeling this laziness in me, i cant seem to find an interesting program to watch over the TV, im stuck with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at HBO but I wasn’t able to finish it since i already watch that movie a million times now. then i choose to be in front of the computer but upon checking everything theres nothing much to read nor to look over the net. everyone seems to be lazy every weekend that they dont post that much. 

i’m bored. its been two weeks that im stuck in here, doing nothing but to watch and to surf. its already a routine for me and i want to break it. im starting to feel unproductive and old. hahahaha.. 

hope that i might do something later this afternoon. im still looking for someone who can accompany me through my insanity. 

wait did i see myself ranting about everything?! LOL!

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Posted on Saturday, 26 November
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